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Updated on January 8, 2004

Science Express provides rapid electronic publication of selected Science papers. Print versions of these papers will appear in Science in several weeks. Some editorial changes may occur between the online version and the final printed version. Access to the PDF version of the papers is available free to all AAAS members. Nonmembers can view papers with the pay-per-view option.

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8 January 2004

A Double-Pulsar System: A Rare Laboratory for Relativistic Gravity and Plasma Physics
A. G. Lyne, M. Burgay, M. Kramer, A. Possenti, R. N. Manchester, F. Camilo, M. A. McLaughlin, D. R. Lorimer, N. D'Amico, B. C. Joshi, J. Reynolds, and P. C. C. Freire
Published online January 8 2004; 10.1126/science.1094645 (Science Express Research Articles ) [Abstract] [PDF]  

Cdh1-APC Controls Axonal Growth and Patterning in the Mammalian Brain
Yoshiyuki Konishi, Judith Stegmüller, Takahiko Matsuda, Shirin Bonni, and Azad Bonni
Published online January 8 2004; 10.1126/science.1093712 (Science Express Reports ) [Abstract] [PDF] [Supporting Online Material]  

Instructive Role of Wnt/{beta}-catenin in Sensory Fate Specification in Neural Crest Stem Cells
Hye-Youn Lee, Maurice Kléber, Lisette Hari, Véronique Brault, Ueli Suter, Makoto M. Taketo, Rolf Kemler, and Lukas Sommer
Published online January 8 2004; 10.1126/science.1091611 (Science Express Reports ) [Abstract] [PDF] [Supporting Online Material]  

2 January 2004

RNAi-mediated Targeting of Heterochromatin by the RITS Complex
André Verdel, Songtao Jia, Scott Gerber, Tomoyasu Sugiyama, Steven Gygi, Shiv I. S. Grewal, and Danesh Moazed
Published online January 2 2004; 10.1126/science.1093686 (Science Express Reports ) [Abstract] [PDF] [Supporting Online Material]  

In Vivo Activation of the p53 Pathway by Small-Molecule Antagonists of MDM2
Lyubomir T. Vassilev, Binh T. Vu, Bradford Graves, Daisy Carvajal, Frank Podlaski, Zoran Filipovic, Norman Kong, Ursula Kammlott, Christine Lukacs, Christian Klein, Nader Fotouhi, and Emily A. Liu
Published online January 2 2004; 10.1126/science.1092472 (Science Express Reports ) [Abstract] [PDF] [Supporting Online Material]  

A Map of the Interactome Network of the Metazoan C. elegans
Siming Li, Christopher M. Armstrong, Nicolas Bertin, Hui Ge, Stuart Milstein, Mike Boxem, Pierre-Olivier Vidalain, Jing-Dong J. Han, Alban Chesneau, Tong Hao, Debra S. Goldberg, Ning Li, Monica Martinez, Jean-François Rual, Philippe Lamesch, Lai Xu, Muneesh Tewari, Sharyl L. Wong, Lan V. Zhang, Gabriel F. Berriz, Laurent Jacotot, Philippe Vaglio, Jérôme Reboul, Tomoko Hirozane-Kishikawa, Qianru Li, Harrison W. Gabel, Ahmed Elewa, Bridget Baumgartner, Debra J. Rose, Haiyuan Yu, Stephanie Bosak, Reynaldo Sequerra, Andrew Fraser, Susan E. Mango, William M. Saxton, Susan Strome, Sander van den Heuvel, Fabio Piano, Jean Vandenhaute, Claude Sardet, Mark Gerstein, Lynn Doucette-Stamm, Kristin C. Gunsalus, J. Wade Harper, Michael E. Cusick, Frederick P. Roth, David E. Hill, and Marc Vidal
Published online January 2 2004; 10.1126/science.1091403 (Science Express Reports ) [Abstract] [PDF] [Supporting Online Material]  

22 December 2003

Editing of CD1d-Bound Lipid Antigens by Endosomal Lipid Transfer Proteins
Dapeng Zhou, Carlos Cantu III, Yuval Sagiv, Nicolas Schrantz, Ashok B. Kulkarni, Xiaoyang Qi, Don J. Mahuran, Carlos R. Morales, Gregory A. Grabowski, Kamel Benlagha, Paul Savage, Albert Bendelac, and Luc Teyton
Published online December 22 2003; 10.1126/science.1092009 (Science Express Reports ) [Abstract] [PDF] [Supporting Online Material]  

18 December 2003

Kinesin Walks Hand-Over-Hand
Ahmet Yildiz, Michio Tomishige, Ronald D. Vale, and Paul R. Selvin
Published online December 18 2003; 10.1126/science.1093753 (Science Express Reports ) [Abstract] [PDF] [Supporting Online Material]  

Transformation of Olfactory Representations in the Drosophila Antennal Lobe
Rachel I. Wilson, Glenn C. Turner, and Gilles Laurent
Published online December 18 2003; 10.1126/science.1090782 (Science Express Reports ) [Abstract] [PDF] [Supporting Online Material]  

17 December 2003

Epigenetic Dynamics of Imprinted X Inactivation During Early Mouse Development
Ikuhiro Okamoto, Arie P. Otte, C. David Allis, Danny Reinberg, and Edith Heard
Published online December 17 2003; 10.1126/science.1092727 (Science Express Research Articles ) [Abstract] [PDF] [Supporting Online Material]  

11 December 2003

Defining the Epithelial Stem Cell Niche in Skin
Tudorita Tumbar, Geraldine Guasch, Valentina Greco, Cedric Blanpain, William E. Lowry, Michael Rendl, and Elaine Fuchs
Published online December 11 2003; 10.1126/science.1092436 (Science Express Reports ) [Abstract] [PDF] [Supporting Online Material]  

An Ion Balance for Ultra-High-Precision Atomic Mass Measurements
Simon Rainville, James K. Thompson, and David E. Pritchard
Published online December 11 2003; 10.1126/science.1092320 (Science Express Research Articles ) [Abstract] [PDF]  

9 December 2003

Finite-Frequency Tomography Reveals a Variety of Plumes in the Mantle
Raffaella Montelli, Guust Nolet, F. A. Dahlen, Guy Masters, E. Robert Engdahl, and Shu-Huei Hung
Published online December 9 2003; 10.1126/science.1092485 (Science Express Research Articles ) [Abstract] [PDF] [Supporting Online Material]  

8 December 2003

RNA Leaching of Transcription Factors Disrupts Transcription in Myotonic Dystrophy
A. Ebralidze, Y. Wang, V. Petkova, K. Ebralidse, and R. P. Junghans
Published online December 8 2003; 10.1126/science.1088679 (Science Express Reports ) [Abstract] [PDF] [Supporting Online Material]  

26 November 2003

BAR Domains as Sensors of Membrane Curvature: The Amphiphysin BAR Structure
Brian J. Peter, Helen M. Kent, Ian G. Mills, Yvonne Vallis, P. Jonathan G. Butler, Philip R. Evans, and Harvey T. McMahon
Published online November 26 2003; 10.1126/science.1092586 (Science Express Research Articles ) [Abstract] [PDF] [Supporting Online Material]  

ATP-Driven Exchange of Histone H2AZ Variant Catalyzed by SWR1 Chromatin Remodeling Complex
Gaku Mizuguchi, Xuetong Shen, Joe Landry, Wei-Hua Wu, Subhojit Sen, and Carl Wu
Published online November 26 2003; 10.1126/science.1090701 (Science Express Research Articles ) [Abstract] [PDF] [Supporting Online Material]  

20 November 2003

One-way Control of FWA Imprinting in Arabidopsis Endosperm by DNA Methylation
Tetsu Kinoshita, Asuka Miura, Yeonhee Choi, Yuki Kinoshita, Xiaofeng Cao, Steven E. Jacobsen, Robert L. Fischer, and Tetsuji Kakutani
Published online November 20 2003; 10.1126/science.1089835 (Science Express Reports ) [Abstract] [PDF] [Supporting Online Material]  

11 September 2003

A MicroRNA as a Translational Repressor of APETALA2 in Arabidopsis Flower Development
Xuemei Chen
Published online September 11 2003; 10.1126/science.1088060 (Science Express Reports ) [Abstract] [PDF] [Supporting Online Material]  

To see an article, click its [PDF] link. To review many abstracts, check the boxes to the left of the titles you want, and click the 'Get All Checked Abstract(s)' button. To see one abstract at a time, click its [Abstract] link.

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